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Data Center/Server Room

Relocation Services

InnerVision can also assist your IT staff with the relocation of your server room or data center. InnerVision can provide knowledgeable and experienced staff to augment your current team during a relocation project.

InnerVision does not power on/off any devices in the Data Center/Server Room. Our customers are responsible for backing up, power down, and power up activities.

InnerVision provides the following services:
  • The disconnection and reconnection of Power, Network and KVM connections
  • The un-racking and re-racking of servers, network equipment, UPS, Monitors, and all other rack mounted equipment
  • Removing and re-installing rails according to your rack layout
  • Labeling cables prior or during the relocation
  • Patching Servers to your Switches
  • Cable Management within the cabinets/racks

We will work with your chosen or preferred transportation company to ensure a smooth transition during the project.