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InnerVision Technology has been assisting with relocation projects since 2001. Our staff and our process are the primary reasons why customers contact InnerVision for their initial and future projects.

Desktop Relocation Services
InnerVision will assign an experienced Supervisor to each project to ensure our staff (lead, level 1 and 2 technicians) understands the specific instructions for your project. The Supervisor also is the main point of contact between our team, our customer, and all associated vendors.

The number of technicians assigned to each phase of the project is based on the number of devices disconnected and reconnected. Typically the disconnect service is completed in 3-4 hours and the reconnect service is completed in 6-7 hours.

After Move Support is an option where InnerVision provides support technicians on the first day of business after your move. InnerVision will assign the technician/s to the project based on the requirements. Our customer will provide all direction to our staff.

Core/Network Relocation Services
InnerVision will assign a separate specialized team who understand un-racking, re-racking and all connections to these devices. A Supervisor for this team is also the main point of contact between our team, our customer, and coordination with all associated vendors. Each project is unique and attending planning meetings prior to the project may be recommended and required.

InnerVision’s service will help minimize downtime and work with our customers to help with the physical challenge of relocating your network to a new location.

Staffing for this service is not only based on quantity of devices. Factors such as cabinets, rails, mounting, distance between locations, cabling, and many other items will determine the timeframe and staffing.