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Desktop Relocation Services

InnerVision can help you with all types of relocation projects that your group may be planning such as:
  • Relocating to another facility
  • Renovating, re-carpeting, re-painting, or changing existing seating configuration.
  • Shuffle personnel on an existing floor to new seating arrangement.
  • Restacking personnel from one floor to another.

By having InnerVision handling the disconnection, reconnection, and testing of your desktop computing devices, you and your company are able to focus on your core business. InnerVision can provide services that include your personal computers, monitors, printers, scanners, fax machines, and phones.

InnerVision uses a specific form to document what devices each user currently has. We will also document the physical location of each device (computer, monitor, phone, mouse and peripherals) currently in each office or cubicle. We will note if your user currently has their monitor in the corner of their desk. This information is then used when reconnecting their computer set up at the new location.

Cable Management is an option after testing each computer. InnerVision uses Velcro to dress the cables for each user. This service can be customized based on your requirements and the furniture layouts.

After move support, technician or technicians to assist your IT department with user issues on the first working day following your relocation.

We will work with your preferred or chosen transportation company to ensure a smooth transition between facilities for your organization.

InnerVision can also help with other types of desktop computing projects including:
  • Deployment of new technology (Un-box, Assemble, Place and Test) for devices: Computers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Phones and other peripherals.
  • Un-mounting and re-mounting Monitors from existing or new Monitor Arms.
  • Cleaning (external surfaces) of the computer and monitor, printer, fax machine and phone.